UL Class Standard Modular Vault System

Over the past decade, bank protection equipment manufacturers have created high security modular vault panels as a substitute for site poured in place concrete vaults.The advantages are many:

Wall thickness have been drastically reduced, adding needed space inside the vault while reducing costly floor space in buildings.Using Young Ann’s competitively priced modular panels, the vault room can take any desired shape.At any future time the vault can be expanded or reduced in size.It can be moved and installed in another location.

Young Ann modular panels are often installed within existing concrete vaults to increase security and create a UL listed environment not available with poured in place vaults.Today, industries other than financial institutions install modular panel vaults.Jewelry, pharmaceutical, government agencies, securities and dozens of others protect contents with UL assurance of the finest protection available

Our UL listed Modular vault system included:

  • Modular vault panel
  • Vault door
  • Air guard
  • Combination lock
  • Safe deposit locker